Health/Life Coaching | Kick the Sugar Habit
Health/Life Coaching | Kick the Sugar Habit

Certified Health Life Coach: Linda Goldberg, CHLC

Dear Friend:

I work with women suffering from fear-based anxiety and depression. There are so many ways that fear can keep a person stuck in a life that brings little joy and most of the time fosters a victim personality. I teach the skills to women who fall into this category. Having suffered for many years with anxiety and depression myself, I fully understand how fear can cause feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, and despair. Just knowing there is a brighter side and hope for a better life is a very powerful thing.

The methods I use through my knowledge, listening skills, and meditation techniques have helped many women to identify what has been holding them back and reconnect with their native vitality and power  Most of what we fear never happens, yet it can be such an overwhelming emotion that it can make a life full of possibilities and joy seem out of reach.

Being a victim does not serve you.  It will never bring you the fulfillment you have been wanting to experience for so long. Sustainable habit change through techniques that have been proven to be effective can make all the difference in the world.

Don't stay stuck in the world of the "victim" another day. Why let a fearful mind dictate your reality when support is a phone call away? You can do this! Reach out to me. You'll be amazed what we can accomplish together. The value of working with a personal coach is in the results.  I am here for you!


P.S. Interested in creating a vision board to help make your personal and professional dreams a reality? Contact me for details.

Health/Life Coaching | Why A Health/Life Coach?
Why A Health/Life Coach?
Your habits may be hurting you! A health/life coach can help you clean up your act and stay on track.

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