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Prepared for Elysha Wallace

Web Development

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When starting your business, web development is crucial. In this era of business, you’ll have multiple points of contact with your customers through online services, be it your personal website, your business’s app. or other social channels that must be perfected in order to reach a wider audience.

I want to sit down with you and discuss your business, and from there, we will decide just what the most important of those touchstones are. After this, your job is to tell me how you would like your business to function online. Mine is to make it happen.

The goal of this project is to provide a website or application for your business that provides easy-to-use e-commerce functionality to your customer experience.

Why Me

Let’s talk about why I’m a perfect fit for this project.

1. I’ve got the experience you’re looking for. have developed over [x] websites and applications, and you can view my portfolio here.

2. Clients have been satisfied with my work in the past. Want to see what they have to say about me? [insert client testimonials here].

3. I design to your specifications. If you’re looking for a specific functionality, I find a way to make it happen.

4. have no interest in wasting your time. I will show up on time for all checkpoint meetings with something to show you.


Here’s a breakdown of the services we’ve discussed and their cost.

One Website Mockup and Specification $1,500
Built-In E-commerce Functionality $1,000
Three Revisions $500
Final Website or Application $2,000
TOTAL $5,000

Here is a list of the suggested milestones we meet for this project.
You may contact me if you feel additional milestones are needed.

Mockup and Specification ASAP
Delivery of First Product/Revision Notes 6 Weeks
Delivery of Second Revision/Final Product 8 Weeks
What’s Next 
We’re going to make this process for you as hassle free as possible. I should be the easiest tool in your toolbox for you to use – simple send me an e-mail or a phone calll. I respond within 1 business day.

After you’ve agreed to these terms, you and I will set up our very first meeting. We’ll discuss everything included in this document, plus any further needs you think you might have.

We’ll schedule our Kickoff Session as soon as your first payment has been cleared!


1. Payment structure: 50% up front, 50% after project completion.
Methods include Credit Card, PayPal and Bank Transfer.

2. Any requested work outside the scope of this agreement will be
charged at [price]/hour. (e.g. more than two revisions, last-minute

3. Any new development projects requested outside the scope of this
document will be subject to a new quote and invoice.

4, The freelancer will begin counting business days after the kickoff
meeting has taken place.

5. In case of project cancellation after the work has started, the client
will pay for work hours already completed.


Prospero team

Elysha Wallace